Design for Mindful Interaction

Design for Mindful Interaction (DES658)
Human-centered design methodologies explored in 3 projects
Offered Fall 2014 for 1, 2 or 3 credits as needed

Design for Mindful Interaction looks at how we can introduce self or group reflection into the design experience. This might happen in the design process as a form of intention on the part of the designer, but could also occur between multiple users of a designed object, experience, service, etc. In the class, we consider how to disrupt expectation or perception, and therefore behavior or interaction, in a social setting. Students learn methodologies for cultivating empathy as a formative part of the design process. The class will begin with an intimate design response geared to the needs of one individual. Lessons learned will be scaled and incorporated into design experiences that involve interactions in a group setting, as well as interventions in public space. The form in which you work will be open—print, motion, interactive, installation—and each of these will offer insight on the topic.

Creative Wilding / Interventions in Public Space
Guest Lectures / Collaborations / Fieldwork

Open to both MS and MFA GradComD students, as well as non majors.
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A Public Project special project offering
Image credit: Caroline Matthews and Alejandro Torres Viera install their InvisibleInNYC project designed with fellow student, John Olson.