Fall Studio Tumblr

To see projects from this Fall’s Design Advocacy studio course, Design for Mindful Interaction, check out the updated Tumblr. Work shown is a response to the following assignments:

7 Rules in 7 Weeks (self study): A poster sequence constructing & deconstructing behavior. Shown as gif animations online.

The Gift (one to one): This project explores design as a form of exchange. Students learn methodologies for cultivating empathy of a user. Step 1. Students formulate questions to interview a stranger or acquaintance. Step 2. The interview is translated into a ‘visual portrait’—synthesizing their impressions into a visual form. Step 3. Students design ‘a gift’ for this person that can be a designed scenario, object, or service.

Public Intervention: Form, Content, Context (one to many): This project is about stepping out of the studio and conducting primary research of a place and it’s users through making. It involves a series of rapid iterations evolving to the next stage weekly. Concepts evolve from the initial formal investigations. Themes: site specificity, making as a form of research, visual disruption, making the familiar unfamiliar Week 1: Form: Alter form in a public space; Week 2: Content: Add a message; Week 3/4: Context: Invite participation; Week 5: Design a folio or process book to document the process.


Design for Mindful Interaction looks at how we can introduce self or group reflection into the design experience. This might happen in the design process as a form of intention on the part of the designer, but could also occur between multiple users of a designed object, experience, service, etc. In the class, we consider how to disrupt expectation or perception, and therefore behavior or interaction, in a social setting. Students learn methodologies for conducting ethnographic research and cultivating empathy as a formative part of the design process. Studio course developed and taught by Jean Brennan.