Summer Studio Tumblr

View our Tumblr from the Graduate Communications Design summer studio, ‘Design for Mindful Interaction’.

Designing for Mindful Interaction looks at how we can introduce self or group reflection into the design experience. This might happen in the design process as a form of intention on the part of the designer, but could also occur between multiple users of a designed object, experience, service, etc. In the class, we will consider how to shift or disrupt function and expectation, and therefore behavior, or interaction, in a social setting.

The class began with an intimate design response geared to the needs of one individual. Lessons learned were scaled and incorporated into design experiences that involve interactions in a group setting and interventions in public space. Weekly conversations drew from texts by Kristina Niedderer, Robert Fabricant, Andrew Blauvelt, Kenya Hara, Carl DiSalvo, Frank Chimero and Stefan Sagmiester amongst others.