Center for Architecture Exhibit

An upcoming exhibit at the Center for Architecture on ‘Broadway 1,000 Steps’ features student work from a Public Project engagement with the Mary Miss studio, Spring 2012. This studio class explored how visual thinking and design can engage and activate participation in building cities that respond to environmental challenges.

The exhibit will include projects from the following students: Lisa Marie Anastasio, Maria Barreix, Elisabetta DiStefano, Heba Elmasry, Janice Rudan, Lindsay Taylor, and Radhika Unnikrishnan. Learn more about the work produced in this class here.

Join us for the panel dicussion and exhibition opening on Thursday, March 7th, 2013, 5-8 PM. Pratt MFA alum, Janice Rudan, will be joining the panel discussion to discuss her project, Uncover Manahatta (image below).