‘On Cities’ Dialogue and Film Screening

Join us for a dialogue and film screening on sustainability and cities. Participants and guest speakers will connect with a virtual international gathering featuring the premiere of the non-verbal documentary “ON CITIES” and the opportunity to engage in a global dialogue focused on a better urban future.

The On Cities virtual event is planned as the first point of engagement with a global audience about the challenges of urban living in the 21st century. The initiative, organized by the Knight Center for International Media at the University of Miami School of Communication. is an effort to use media to engage individuals and institutions around the world in better understanding urban challenges and sharing inspiring stories of urban innovation across borders. Attendees will be able to join the global conversation using Skype and Twitter. Additional information is attached.

‘On Cities’ is hosted by Public Project at Pratt Institute as part of a series of cross-disciplinary conversations exploring collaborative intersections between media and sustainable development, co-convened by partner organizations: World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, Images and Voices of Hope, and What Moves You?

Monday, October 22nd, 2:30 – 5:30 pm

Room 301 W18th Pratt Manhattan