Academic Partnership Colloquium

Our students presented research and concepts developed in the Broadway 1,000 Steps Special Project at the Academic Partnership Colloquium on Friday March 30th. Also in attendance and presenting were MIT, Boston Architectural College, Penn State, and Marymount Manhattan College. The academic partnership is in collaboration with the City as Living Laboratory.

Artist Mary Miss welcomed the group. Student presentations were followed by keynote addresses by Stuart Gaffin, Senior Scientist, NASA Goddard; Petia Morozov, Architect, Madlab; and, Reina Shibata, Percent for Art.

See the slides from the Pratt student presentations on our special project wiki.

Janice Rudan presents her video with interviews from Bowling Green. Janice followed her research findings with a proposal to use game mechanics and Lenape mythology to engage participants in exploring the rich history of lower Manhattan.

Lindsay Taylor presents her historical, GIS and on-site research on the expanding shoreline of lower Manhattan. Heba Elmasry conducted this research with Lindsay. Heba presented the types of landfill used during different eras at select sites.

Elisabetta DiStefano and Lisa Anastasio present their research regarding the network of green spaces in the area. Their proposal included expanding our thinking of what defines a green space in the urban context.

Artist Mary Miss speaks with keynote speaker Petia Morozov from Madlab. We all really enjoyed Petia’s keynote address.